Sail On

Life is very much like sailing. Many are content to just sail around in the safe harbors and not really go anywhere with their life; whereas others set their sails toward the horizon and head out into the open sea.

It takes faith to set out into the unknown, to believe that God is true and that He will keep you safe and lead you on a true course. This type of faith is learned through difficult situations where you do what God shows you to do and you find that it works out.

This life and its limited existence can be so full of care‚ worry, and fear if you let those things in. But if you instead choose to accept His perspective in all things, you will begin to see the opportunity in every difficulty, the positive in every negative situation.

You will have the faith to rise above this finite world and accept that there is a higher plan for your life and that God is the One Who is ultimately in control. With each test comes stronger faith.

The shores of His blessings are not visible to those who stay in the harbor and never venture out; it takes faith to set sail and find them.

Don’t believe the doubter who has never ventured out of the safety of his harbor and who says, “There are no new shores, no new challenges, nothing new to learn.” Be the first to venture out, to let God set the course of your life.

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